Andrew Steven

"Amateur explorer, expert coffee drinker, and podcast maker..."
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Go Explore Parks An attempt to visit every National Park (and a few others along the way). Travels, photos and more by Andrew Steven and Rocky Strobel.

Next up, hiking the John Muir Trail in August 2019...

The History of Standup If you’ve ever watched a standup comedy special on Comedy Central or Netflix and wondered how we got here — The History of Standup looks back at the evolution of standup from vaudeville to Netflix. Each week, Comedian Wayne Federman teaches Andrew Steven about the history of standup in a casual, conversational history class, looking over some of comedy’s most interesting moments.

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I'm Too Effing High Part talk show and part game show, I’m Too Effing High is a half hearted attempt to find out if people are funnier when they’re high. Using the language of comedy in an effort to normalize cannabis, host James Mastraieni guides a panel of stoned comedians through a series of comedy challenges, games, and performances, testing their comedic creativity while being too effing high.

Weekly podcast and live on stage, the 1st Saturday of every month at UCB Franklin.

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Plays Well With Others From Creative Commons, a new podcast about the art and science of collaboration. With a focus on the tools, techniques, and realities of collaboration, exploring how today's most interesting collaborators are making new things, solving old problems, and getting things done — together. Hosted by Creative Commons CEO, Ryan Merkley.

Premieres Tuesday, February 19th, 2019.

SPECTACLE See some of the funniest improv comedians at the top of their game create impromptu scenes based of performances by some of the most renowned standups, musicians, and storytellers.


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